About SAAM IT Systems

The Mission of SAAM IT Systems is to provide quality education in a safe and assuring environment. SAAM  assists its students in developing skills to become independent, mature and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute to the community.

In an ever-changing world, it is our goal to keep abreast with new cutting edge technologies and paradigms. We provide our students with the latest knowledge and skills that keeps them at par with any changes in their careers. Hence, the students will always be able to cope up with the changes and deliver services according to the current needs.

We will do our best to hone the skills of our students so they may become the best.

Why Us?

We are one of the only schools founded by instructors, as instructors we focus on giving our students an excellent learning experience.

When we founded our company we wanted to create a school that focuses more on education than sales. Our courses are created by expert instructors with real world experience. We just don’t teach topics out of a book, we teach real world topics with real examples using hands-on training.

Our greatest assets will have to be our instructors, all of whom have a passion for teaching and learning new topics. Most Schools concentrate on their sales, we concentrate on our instructors and the learning experience.

Our instructors are dedicated to our students needs, we analyze all our students needs to offer them the best courses at a price that anyone can afford.

Who we are?

The SAAM IT Systems is an IT training company based in Silver Spring, MD. Our passion for helping individuals with their personal career development is represented in the quality of our training courses. As an instructor founded company, we are focused and committed in providing the best learning experience with affordable prices.

Our optimized business processes have allowed us to offer excellent courses at the lowest prices in the city. We strive to provide an enriched learning environment.

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