Create SharePoint Hosted app using Angular Js

Microsoft introduced a new app model in the SharePoint 2013 release, which is available both for on-premise deployments and in the hosted service Office 365. One type of SharePoint app developers can build is a SharePoint-hosted application where everything is stored in SharePoint but the app actually runs within the user’s browser. These types of…

How to send email with attachments using PowerShell

You can send emails from using Power-Shell. You can include attachments as well. Warning: If your smtp provider allows anonymous authentication you can send email ending domain. eg: send email from $SmtpClient = New-Object $ = “” $MailMessage = New-Object $MailMessage.from = “” $MailMessage.To.add(“”) $MailMessage.IsBodyHtml = 0 $MailMessage.Subject = “Test” $MailMessage.Body =…

How to Replace Created by and Modified by user in SharePoint List using powershell

Here is the quick script to replace the created  by and modified by column in SharePoint List. These cannot be directly modified using front end. $web=get-SPWeb $replacedUser =$web.EnsureUser(“domain\user”) $list=$web.Lists[“Shared Documents”] //replace your List name foreach($item in $list.Items) { $item[“Author”] = $replacedUser $item[“Editor”] = $replacedUser $item.update() } $web.Update() $web.dispose()